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Simple Rails Caching

Posted on October 28, 2007

In my apache configuration I have Apache serving static pages from the public directory. After playing around with Mephisto a bit, I’ve learned a few tricks on caching.

The common belief is to use memcache for caching on sites that are large enough to need it. However, I think with a few tricks, I can do better. I think in some cases, letting Apache serve the content is a far wiser move.

For example, I will begin writing out the images for avatars on guildcorner.org to files, and let Apache serve them. I will do this when they are created, updated, or rendered to a browser. This will let Apache serve the next request for it. I also plan on deleting the cache file if the avatar is deleted.

Since I use Capistrano to push out releases now, and the cached files are not in subversion, upgrading to a new application version won’t require anything special.