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Fitness or video game?

Posted on January 06, 2010

I have to admit I far prefer video games to any form of exercise. Exercise has always seemed like something other people do. I’m not unhappy that I am overweight. After all, if I were, I’d do something about it.

At first, this Wii Fit thing really confused me. It is exercise, but with a score! Wow! I never got scores when I was in gym class in school. At least not ones I cared all that much about. But these are different. They’re on a video game console, so they are obviously different.

Now I find myself pushing just a little harder to “unlock” some feature or to get a better score. Today, I even realized I pushed myself to run/walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes rather than 20. I had the Wiimote in my pocket of course! The score must be recorded. Otherwise it would be exercise, and not a video game. I ran (at a slow speed, 3.8 miles per hour) for a straight 10 minutes. This might not be amazing to some, but I have never, in my entire life, ran for 10 minutes at any speed, until tonight. I even found the longer I did it, the easier it became. At first, I was panting, but a few minutes in I found breathing was in rhythm with walking, arms just did what arms do, and the feet kept the pace. All in all, it was quite thrilling.

I even find the graph of weight loss to be a seriously cool thing. I don’t get upset when it goes up a bit. Four pounds in two days was a little worrisome… I blame the Cheetos, and the sitting on my butt. However, every day since then the line has been going down. Not by a lot perhaps, 0.2 here and 0.4 there, but every small bit helps. I understand, and more importantly believe, it is the general trend that matters. It isn’t the small increases here and there that matter, nor the large decreases. They are nice to have of course, but not nearly as important as the overall trend line.