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How my Wii is saving my life

Posted on January 06, 2010

What a melodramatic title!

About two years ago, my wife and I purchased a Wii. We bought a few games, but mostly it was for the Wii Fit. For nearly a month we both would weigh in on the thing, play a few games, perhaps even run on the treadmill. Then interest fell off rapidly, and the Wii became more of an interesting Bluetooth device rather than a fitness machine.

Two months ago, we were walking through a local mall and saw a Wii Fit Plus kiosk. This kiosk was populated with beautiful, energetic people who would offer to let you play. If you did not want to embarrass yourself in a public forum, they would demo the new games and training for you.

Since we already had the Wii Board thingy, we could get this new game/exercise program for about $25 or so. We bought one, thinking that even if we got a month’s use out of it, we’d gain something. Or, rather, lose something.

We also bought EA Active, which is another fitness program. It is all serious though, and is much more of a “real” workout.

I am happy to report that for about a week now, my wife and I have been using both programs. We mostly use the Wii Fit Plus for games, a little of the yoga, and to weigh in and record EA Active and other activities. We also use it for “straight runs” which the EA Active program seems to lack. They want me to run, then walk, then do kick-ups, etc. This is all well and good, but I hate running in place – it hurts my knees. Running on the treadmill is fine, however. It’s hard to combine a treadmill with EA Active, at least with what we’re being told to do currently.

Will this trend continue? I actually think it will. What’s different this time is we are both more serious about following through. Last time we were as well, but there was something missing, some sort of small feedback between each other to want to do just a little more. I believe this time we have that, and while it isn’t a competition, it is a shared motivation and a desire to improve ourselves for each other as well as for ourselves.