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Named MOB tracking in EverQuest II

Posted on January 18, 2011

In the spirit of having yet another tool that no one but I use, and in the true spirit of learning thingsā€¦ I have started on a tracking system for various tidbits of info I used to keep in a spreadsheet, or not at all.

The system is open to the public, and is on http://eq2mission.flame.org/.

Once there, sign up with either twitter or facebook, or both so you can use both in the future and not end up with multiple accounts on accident. You can also use a local username and password if you prefer.

You can add characters manually, but there is no way to manually track which named you have killed. However, you can upload a log file and it will try to find which ones you have already gotten AA from.

While you can upload directly to the site, please use the log file upload client which makes this faster and easier. The client strips out all group, guild, and personal chat before uploading, compresses the result, and optionally renames the file.